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Home remodeling - Stone texture

Home remodeling is most effective when used with an appropriate stone texture.

Taking on a home remodeling project is like giving your house a face lift. It’s the best way to give new life to an otherwise bland or outdated space. Below are some ways to keep up with some contemporary styles of interior design.

Stone Selex- stucco exterior wall

Stone Selex has some home improvement tips on how to enhance the look of exterior walls.

Home renovations are often trigged by the need to solve a structural problem, pipe leak or general maintenance. It is important to note that in order for a house to look neat and well kept these renovation essentials should be paired up with aesthetic upgrades to the exterior walls.

Canyon Ledge- sample of Texas Cream on top & Mountain on the bottom

Choosing stone veneer colours that will add a dynamic twist to your project.

All Stone Selex products come in a variety of colours. When choosing the most appropriate stone veneer for a space it is important to match the existing colour palette in a room or space. Pay attention to the wall colours as well as the existing furniture.

Arranging the stone

Preparing for an installation – Part 3

Most stone veneer will require a level but if you’re aiming to create a more natural look then a more complex arrangement process must be established. Larger stone veneers like Fieldstone, Tuscan Fieldstone, and Cobble Stone will require more thorough planning. Since they are large, irregular in shape and heavier than most other stone veneers they require special attention in the installation process.

Visualize your project

Preparing for an installation – Part 1-

Every great project begins with a great idea. When planning out your home decor project in the conceptual realm it will help to consult interior design magazines, home decor blogs and especially our Stone Selex website. On our page you’ll be able see all the stone patterns we carry which will greatly aid in the visualization of the project. Remember to be realistic and take measurements into account.

Stone Selex -River Rock in the Bathroom

Create a mood in the bathroom with stone veneers.

Bathrooms have been traditionally fitted with ceramic and stone tiles. Polished down to give a shimmery look and water repellent texture. Stone veneer provides the same look and feel with the added benefit of an easy installation process. The beauty of using stone veneer is that one need not even resort to substitution. The stone veneer on the walls will compliment the tiles on the floor. All you have to do is make a wise decision on which stone veneers will match best with the floor tiles. Here is a quick guide to get you started:

Aspen Cream in Quick Fit Stone Panel

The benefits of using Stone Selex Lightweight Stone Veneers

The materials used to create Stone Selex products were created with the consumer in mind. The manufacturers combine authenticity, practicality and affordability when designing our products. Stone veneer like Canyon Ledge, Fieldstone and the new Cathedral Stone are made to replicate the look of natural stones. A lot of time and effort is put into mimicking the size, texture and colour of the real stones but the trick is creating a product that is less expensive and easier to work with.

Stone Selex at National Home Show- March 16-25, 2012

Come & Visit Stone Selex at Toronto National Home Show- March 16-25, 2012, Booth 1627 B

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