August 2018 Edition


Ledgestone Veneer for your Home

There is nothing that conveys a sense of permanence and stability to a structure quite like the appearance of stone. It establishes strength and conveys longevity, thus adding value to any project you undertake. Manufactured stone veneer is an ideal option for conveying the structural and decorative expression that was once only achieved with a natural stone.


Ledge Stone Veneer

Ledge Caledon is a perfect transitional stone creating the ideal balance between contemporary and classic design. It consists of a combination of smooth-faced stones with clearly defined angular edges, as well as more rustic rock face stones. Its straight, linear shaped stones give it a structured appearance that is ideally suited to a dry stack application. This tight-fitted look gives it a solid, grounded feel that features prominently in contemporary or industrial design. Conversely, the use of a mortar joint will alter the direction the design takes by softening the look creating a more traditional appearance.

Kentucky features an exceptional blend of browns and greys that truly embody nature's handiwork. The mix of warm and cool colours allows it to blend seamlessly with any décor style further enhancing its versatility as both an interior or exterior stone option.

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