June 2017 Edition


Install Limestone veneer on your facade

Your home is your single biggest investment and there are so many ways to improve on curb appeal. Consider pairing stone veneer with existing brick, siding, or stucco. Adding Limestone veneer will change the appearance of your facade and bring added value to your home.

Limestone veneer adds texture

The soft chiselled traditional stone shapes of Limestone veneer bring a new texture to this lovely home. Contrasting textures of wood and stone are brought together in a tone on tone installation. Colour is added with landscaping and outdoor furniture pieces.

Try the NEW Stone Selex Visualizer today and transform the exterior of your home with stone veneer. Or take a picture of the interior of your home or another area inside that you'd like to see accented with stone or brick veneer and upload your photo into the Visualizer to transform your space with stone veneer from Stone Selex.

Stone Visualizer