October 2017 Edition


Natural Stone Veneer Ledgestone

The increasing popularity of natural products and green design has led to a surge in homeowners seeking for ways to incorporate natural stone into their living spaces. There is an almost sentimental connection to stone that has been part our environment for thousands of years.

Westcoast Ledgestone Quartz-Rich Sandstone

Formed over thousands of years from quartz-rich sandstone, Quartzite is an extremely strong, dense stone that is highly resistant to weathering. The grainy texture combines with the shimmer of quartz creating a subtle beauty.

Typically exhibiting shades of cool blue-grey, there be can slight variations of yellows and oranges running throughout select stones that give Westcoast its distinct appearance.

Westcoast Ledgestone, with its combination of natural weather-faced and split-faced stones, has a linear look that is on trend with today’s contemporary designs. The optional addition of jumper stones provides for a more random, organic look perfectly suited to more traditional tastes.

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