October 2014 Edition

Featured Natural Stone Veneer: Glenmore Grey

Stone Selex February Newsletter Natural Ledge Stone

Add a little or a lot of Natural Stone Veneer

Natural Stone Veneer is a perfect complement to your homes exterior. Try pairing it with the existing or new brick, or stucco or siding. Adding natural stone to your project doesn't have to break your budget. Less can be more in the overall design and a little Glenmore Grey natural stone veneer can go a long way to adding beautiful texture and dimension to your homes façade.

Consider adding some stone veneer to your next project

Bringing the outdoors in is easy with a natural stone fireplace facing. The variety of textures and colours available make the task of choosing just one a little daunting. Narrow down your choices by first choosing a style of cut. Straight cut with or without grout for a modern or contemporary look, or the organic shapes of a rubble mix will bring the country look to a city loft.

There are many options in the Natural Stone Veneer collection that may suit your style. Consider adding some stone veneer to your next project.

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