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Bathroom Design Trends with Natural Stone Veneer

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Create a luxurious bathroom with Natural Stone Veneer

The bathroom is one space that gets used by all members of the household, which is why more homeowners are incorporating design trends to make the space appealing and welcoming. Natural earth tones, marbles and vibrant colour schemes matched with wood panels and stone cladding has opened the door to the next level of bathroom form and function.

Different styled stone types influence the rooms charm extending from traditional to modern. Dry stacked stone provides a modern look, while large stacked and grouted natural stone types create the look of a rustic cottage atmosphere. Get the spa experience without having to leave your home with bathroom stone walls which provide added texture and elegance creating a soothing retreat.

Discover how homeowners are incorporating Natural Stone in their bathrooms

The days of tacky wallpapered bathrooms are over and are making room for stone wall installations to incorporate style and texture throughout all areas of the home. Bathrooms are no exception to unique décor and shouldn't be because it will be the one space guests will spend the most time by themselves, therefore it should reflect other areas of your home. Creating a bathroom that possesses both elegance and function increases the value of your home.

The natural stone veneer, St. Clair Ledgestone featured in the photo contains dark and light tones of black, brown and beige, perfect for a variety of design styles. This particular stone is typically dry stacked but can be grouted because it has individual stone pieces. Quarried in Ontario, Stone Selex's selection of natural stone veneer contains a variation of shades and markings through a blend of sedimentary rock, ensuring each stone contains its own individuality.

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