August 2014 Edition

Staycation Destination...your backyard, with a little help from Stone Selex

Stone Selex February Newsletter Natural Ledge Stone

Outdoor entertaining while the weather is nice

Enjoy entertaining outdoors with a little help from Stone Selex. Whether you are grilling or just relaxing your backyard is a place to retreat to and entertain friends especially during the summer weekends. Faux stone siding will make the task of dressing up your space a lot easier. These lightweight easy to install panels are a do it yourselfers dream product.

Faux stone siding can be installed with a hammer and nails

It doesn't have to take you all day to decorate your walls. Hot tubs, accent walls just about anywhere can look amazing with faux stone siding and no messy mortar. And when the weather cools down you will still enjoy your newly finished outdoor space. Outdoor heaters are a convenient way to stretch out the outdoor activities into the cooler fall days and nights.

Choose a faux stone siding and install it yourself today!

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