February 2014 Edition

White Interior Design with Quartzite Stone Veneer

Stone Selex February Newsletter Natural Ledge Stone

The pristine charm and serenity of white interior designed spaces can be made simple with the addition of Quartzite ledge stone veneer. The sparkling accent of Oyster Shell, Quartzite ledge stone leaves a mesmerizing focal point that will leave guests in awe. Today, all-white rooms are anything but safe and uninspiring. For an all-white design that will enhance the look of your space, combine Quartzite stone veneer with unexpected elements of colour or texture for bold impact.

Quartzite ledge stone is offered in Oyster Shell, Snow White and Midnight Black. All display a glamorous and raw finish that brings monochromatic spaces plenty of life.

Why White Interior Design?

The crisp, clean canvas of white interior design allows you to combine a variety of colour combinations. Especially in a small space, dry-stacked white stone veneer makes the room appear larger and bright. Choosing white stone veneer creates a soft, cozy and inviting atmosphere ideal for minimalist spaces. White home décor allows more versatility which makes it the perfect go-to neutral that pairs perfectly with any homeowners taste.

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Stone Visualizer

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