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November 2017 Edition

Quartzite Ledge Stone Veneer


Quartzite Ledge Stone Veneer

Quartzite is a completely natural stone that evolved over time from the fusion of sandstone and quartz. Known to be one of the hardest, most dense natural stones, quartzite makes an ideal choice for interior or exterior projects alike.

Quartzite Ledge stone veneer is created using various sizes and dimensions of straight-cut pieces. Measuring a mere ¾” in thickness allows Quartzite Ledge to be installed virtually anywhere. The interlocking Z shaped stone panels allow for easy installation well-suited to any DIY project.

Oyster Shell Quartzite Ledge

The highly textured stone panels are infused with crystals of quartz creating a stunning luminous appearance that can be enhanced or minimized with the play of light.

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