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July 2019 Edition


Faux Stone Veneer Toronto Ontario

Faux Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer has become one of the most popular choices for decorative building materials on the market today.

Our hectic, harried lives leave us craving the calm serenity only found in nature.

This desire to connect our homes to the tranquility and beauty of nature has a major impact on our design choices.

With the ability to recreate natural stone attributes in a faux stone veneer, it has never been easier to bring the majestic beauty of nature into our personal spaces.

Rubble Faux Stone Veneer

This month we are focusing our attention on another style from our new collection of manufactured stone veneer – Rubble Stone

Rubble is a beautifully unassuming stone that conveys a relaxed, laid-back charm. Its softened, weather-worn edges give the impression it has weathered many a storm and stood the test of time. Its less structured appearance helps to create that warm welcoming feeling that just says HOME.

Rubble Stone is available in a wide array of nature-inspired colourways to allow you to create a look that is as seemingly random as nature itself.

Stone veneer has almost become an essential element in creating your home sanctuary.

Get inspired to create your own home sanctuary by visiting a Stone Selex showroom today.

Try the NEW Stone Selex Visualizer today and transform the exterior of your home with natural stone veneer. Or take a picture of the interior of your home or another area inside that you’d like to see accented with stone or brick veneer and upload your photo into the Visualizer and transform your space with stone veneer from Stone Selex.

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